Award Nominated Blog

Ye gads! I’ve been nominated for a blog award.

But before we get too excited about it, please know that I was nominated by a fellow author in a fun contest that feels very much like a chain letter. I reviewed Yvonne Herzberger’s book “Back from Chaos” a while back (liked it) and have kept track of her posts on Indies Unlimited and on LinkedIn. She recently e-mailed me to notify that I had received a Nomination for a blog award.

So here’s the deal: Once nominated, you have to say seven things about yourself that may surprise your audience and you have to nominate some other blogs for the award.

Sounds like fun. Okay, so here are seven things you may not know about me.

1. I am 5′ 11 1/2″ tall. They grow ’em tall in my family.

2. I have soloed in an airplane, and owned several…the last being a Mooney.

3. I have done runway, magazine and television modeling…but briefly. It didn’t pay.

4. I have raced in numerous sailboat races, (living in Annapolis and San Francisco) and my daughter was 5 weeks old when she was in her first race.

5. I was a stockbroker at Legg Mason Wood Walker for over five years. (still check the market every day)

6. I love art and paint oil landscapes.

7. I play a mean game of scrabble

Okay…Now here are several blogs I would nominate.

1.  Kathryn Kristine Rusch is an Oregonian and has some important things to say about the publishing business. She was editor of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine and her husband Dean Wesley Smith has a great blog too. has written over 90 novels and also written extensively in the Star Trek and other established universes.

3. John Scalzi is seriously funny and a serious science fiction best selling novelist.

4. Rosanne Dingli has offered her time and expertise on Linkedin and continues that sage advice in her blog.

5. A collection of blogs, interviews, novel offerings and writing contests by upcoming Indie authors.

6.  Ex-literary agent with a wildly popular blog for writers.

7. Veronica has offered some interesting science facts for my writing.

8.  A consortium of Northwest writers. Phyllis Radford has her which is a daily diary of a successful Northwest writer.

9. David Levine’s interesting blog. Spelled with an “e”, like me, Morgen’s an English gal with a robust website that spotlights a lot of authors.

So that’s the contest. Comments are welcome.

Last month I was at Powell’s and met Devon Monk, a Northwest writer. She suggested I try her Urban Fantasy novel Magic to the Bone, which is the first in a series. Series are killing me, but I do love them. (Still finishing up Mad Ship and Sisterhood)

I must warn you that I am a more traditional Science Fiction Reader, but I did like Jim Butcher’s series. I also read some of Simon Green. So stay tuned and I’ll check out Urban Fantasy.

Have you read an awsome Urban Fantasy novel? Who was the author? Let me know.


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2 responses to “Award Nominated Blog

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Sheron! I’m honored. 🙂

    I’m not doing award posts on my blog, but I wanted to join the game anyway. So I’ll include an interesting bit about me, and nominate three fellow science-fiction writers I’ve met online, for your readers to check out if they like.

    The speck of personal info I’ll reveal is that I’m completely addicted to horror movies, much more so than science-fiction movies (I prefer sci-fi books), and have been watching them ever since I was 5 and snuck out of bed to watch the late night horror shows alone. *howling wolf*

    My nominees are J.W. Alden, Peter Cawdron and Jeno Marz. I’d keep an eye out for them.

    Thanks very much for having me here, Sheron, and I’m really glad I was able to offer something for you to use in your fiction. 🙂


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