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Science Fiction: FREE! FREE! FREE!

IMG_9518A magic word, FREE.

That is attracting the marketing attention of authors.

“Social networking forums” used to be  the venue for marketing. Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, I could go on and on.

And did.

It was a time sink. And I’m not sure that it translated into sales.

So, this week I’m talking about free as a new marketing technique, I’ll be reviewing  a book that I got free and offering two free novels to you. So read on.

Goodreads is one way to offer your book free. You can decide how many you want to offer, what country you want to deliver to and what time period you want to offer it in. Hopefully, the winner will write up a stellar review and lots of people will sign up and look over your work. Many authors have used this, me included, and have suggested it as a way to get a new book noticed. The problem is that many are doing it and the free book choices are overwhelming. Once again, you’re jumping up and down in a crowded room. Did I sell any books? I’m not sure. And it costs to supply a paperback and ship it. If your margins are thin, is it worth it?

Smashwords will let you put up your books for free. However, you still have to bring the readers to the party.

Baen Free Library (science fiction) and the Gutenberg Project also offer free. The Gutenberg, however, is older books whose rights have expired. Many local libraries are also offering free ebooks, along with the usual hardbacks. Check out your own library to see what kind of program they have.

And even bookstores are offering free books. YES! Powell’s bookstore has a Science Fiction Book club and each week they pass around free samples, or uncorrected beta reader’s samples. That’s how I won Andre Norton’s Ice and Shadow. This is two older back-listed novels put together and made into a new book.

With  a delicious cover staring at me from my bedside table, I soon grabbed it up and began reading.

Ice and ShadowAnd was pleasantly surprised.

The first story, Ice Crown, is about an archeology team that lands on a once interdicted world looking for artifacts of a mysterious Forerunners civilization. This was a technically advanced race that spread throughout the galaxy and then vanished before humans ever had fire. The planet has been closed off for centuries and is rumored to be an experiment in human mind control by the overseers the Psychocrats. Following a lead on possible Forerunner technology hidden there, Roane, a member of the team, goes on a search and finds herself caught out in a storm. She flees to a ruined tower for shelter, only to be followed in by three roughs and their hostage, the king’s daughter. Roane hides behind the bed and watches them bring in the princess, tie her up, and leave. Against all exploratory protocol, Roane reveals herself and the two escape. The Princess is desperate to find the missing Ice Crown that is held by the current ruling monarch of her kingdom of Revy and controls the mind of all his subjects. He is dying, and on his death, if the crown is not secured, the kingdom of Revy will fall to enemy factions. Together the two of them search for the Ice Crown and fend off the enemy forces bent on capturing it and the rest of Roane’s team who are ready to arrest her for breaking protocol and return her in disgrace to her home planet.

Okay, I’m not telling you any more, as I’ll give all away. But it was a rousing story and I enjoyed it thoroughly….never mind the price. I want to read more Andre Norton.

And that’s the point of free. To give you a taste like chocolate, so a small bite will leave you wanting more.

Levine-SpaceMagic_600x900 copyTo this end, David LeVine has authorized me to give away a free copy of his anthology Space Magic. Check out my January blog to find out all about David and this highly recommended book. I’ll hold a drawing gotten from names who leave comments for the next two weeks on my blog. Monday, March 4th, I’ll draw a name from that pot and email the winner a copy. So let me know about free book sites, your favorite science fiction book, your best marketing idea, if Goodreads was a success for you or not, or anything you might want to say about science fiction and fantasy.

And..TA…DAAA.. I have enrolled my first book, Caught In Time in the Kindle Select Program. If you’re a Prime Member, you can download a free novel once a month from their library and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (in time for Valentine’s day) February 15, 16, 17.  Caught In Time will be offered free on Amazon.com. Just go there, put in Caught In Time by Sheron Wood McCartha and download it FREE FREE FREE. This is a limited time offer, however. So mark your calendar.

If you want to see what you are getting, go to my book website at http://www.AlysianUniverse.com to read all about it or check out the right hand side bar here on my blog.

There are many who advocate the Select program, so I’m going to see what results I get.

And maybe you might like the taste of my chocolate.

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