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Celebrations and awards

IMG_9518After you’ve put in a lot of hard work, sometimes you just have to stop, savor the moment and celebrate.

So, I’m celebrating the publishing of my fifth book, Space Song.

Wahoo! Pass the champagne.

For those of you who think writing a book is easy…I’ve got news. It’s not.

But it is fun and rewarding, and like life, there’s many ups and downs in the writing game. Just hold on in that roller coaster knowing when you’re down, there’s usually an up and when things are great…well bask in the fleetness of the moment.

As in most things, if you stick with it, eventually you’ll see the finish line.

Many times I was ready to give up, and usually my writing was relegated to a weekend activity since I often had a day job or a family to take care of. But now, I look with pride at what I have accomplished and am glad I kept going.space-song-cover-smashwords

So I’ll still keep going, and my next book Touching Crystal is due out in November. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

However, to celebrate I’m offering through the KDP Select program my first novel,  Caught in Time  free through Amazon Kindle, Tuesday 4/16 & Wednesday 4/17. Just right click on the book image at right, and click open in new window.

My gift to you.

Because I’m giddy with celebrations and awards, since I have been awarded the Liebster Award for this blog.

Thank you Andy McKell. I take a humble bow.

The what? You say.

Well, blush and a  hand to the side of my mouth…The Liebster Award.

You know, for the upcoming newbie bloggers that someone likes and nominates. It’s all the rage in up and coming blogs.

liebster-award4-e1361373936960Liebster is German for favorite. The idea is to name eleven favorite bloggers with less than 200-300 followers. Which is hard to figure at times, so apologies if you have way more, but know that I admire your blog and want others to know about it and admire it too.

And why eleven? Beats me.

It’s like “hearing it on the grapevine”, or a complimentary chain letter where there are no threats of I’ll will…only wishes for fame and good fortune.

However, I have to abide by certain rules, which actually vary from time to time and are a bit squishy and vague at others.

Post 11 facts about yourself

Answer 11 questions your nominee sent in

Create 11 questions for your nominees

Choose 11 people to give award

Go to their site and tell them

First I have to tell you eleven things about me.

1.   I’m 5′ 11 1/4″. Tall is in my family.

2.   Married to a wonderful man…except for the odd occasion when he does something that makes me crazy.

3.   Have a beautiful daughter. Ditto above for her.

4.   Soloed in an airplane and logged many flying hours as copilot.

5.   Have raced in many races in a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay when I lived in Annapolis

6.   Worked as a stockbroker and watch Fast Money every morning.

7.   Consider myself an oil landscape painter who loves art.

8.   Visited Paris for an anniversary surprise. I wanted to hate it, but I loved it.

9.   Write science fiction, thanks to my father, who loved the genre and always wanted to write but never got around to it.

10. Had a father who went to the Naval Academy of which I’m very proud

11.  I’m half Danish, half English.

Nominate your favorite upcoming blogs.

Please drop in on my nominees and leave a comment. Share the love.

  1. www.mythsofthemirror.com
  2. www.veronicasicoe.com
  3. www.tomkeplerswritingblog.com
  4. www.ksbrooks.wordpress.com
  5. www.bentopress.com
  6. www.rosannedingli.blogspot.com
  7. www.deboracoty.com
  8. www.quickandeasygames.wordpress.com
  9. www.bookfare.blogspot.com
  10. www.morgenbailey.wordpress.com
  11. www.yvonnehertzberger.wordpress.com

Here are the Questions that Andy asked me: my answers in bold.

1. Why did you decide to blog?

A). I love science fiction and wanted to get a dialog going about the books I  really enjoyed.

2.  What is your theme?

A). My theme is science fiction/ fantasy books and things of the future.

3.  Do you find blogging satisfying?

A). Sometimes. Some weeks I struggle to find something interesting enough, other weeks I’m leaping off the page to share my thoughts.

4.  What format do you use?

A). WordPressI am a techno-idiot and wanted something easy.

5. What social network platforms are you on?

A). Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and am thinking of Pinterest.

6.  How do you schedule your blogging?

A). Every Monday. I read somewhere that was the best day, but I have no idea why

7.  Favorite movie?

A). No one favorite

8.  Favorite novel?

A). Oh please. Dune…there’s too many.

9.  What is your ambition?

A). To finish publishing my current books and figure out how to get more people to enjoy them.

10. Greatest success?

A). Still to come

11. If you could move anywhere, where?

A). We discussed this and every place has its strength and weakness. Right now I like Portland, OR

My questions to my nominees:

1. What excites you?

2. What do you want to accomplish with your life?

3. Why do you blog?

4. What’s your favorite science fiction/fantasy novel?

5. Best part of the day or week?

6. What is one odd thing that few people know about you?

7. How do you schedule your blogging?

8. What social platform works best for your purpose?

9. What is the theme of your blog?

10. What do you like best about where you live?

Check in…meet new people…enjoy the moment…giggle…and pass the champagne.


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