Science Fiction Series

IMG_9512I am serious with series. I write the Alysian Universe Series and several other author’s series are favorites of mine. I’ve been hanging around Powell’s lately. My volatile reading group read Dies the Fire by S.M. Sterling, which is a post apocalyptic novel that takes place here in Oregon and also the Idaho area. Because of that, it was interesting. With a bit of hand-waving, Sterling causes all electricity to stop and gunpowder to become a small puff. Planes fall out of the sky, cars stop on the highway…you get the picture.

Society reverts to earlier cultures. Medievalists and woodsmen may love this for the details of that life style. I may pull my English sword off the wall and consider lessons…just in case. Another major character is Wiccan, so that culture becomes important for survival.Dies the Fire

The response from my reading group was mixed. Several really liked the story; others thought it contrived. So, fair warning.

Then, last night I attended a Robin Hobb’s signing as she introduced her second book, Fool’s Quest, in her new trilogy. I’m currently reading it, so look for my opinion in the near future. I love her work, particularly the Assassin’s series and the earlier Fool’s and Tawny Man trilogies.Fool's Quest

Which brings me to Nemesis Games by S.A. James Corey. This Expanse Series has been a favorite since book 1: Leviathan Wakes where I wrote a positive blog a while ago. It garnered the Hugo Award in 2014 and will become a series on the Syfy channel in December 2015. Look for it.

Nemsis GamesAnd book 5: Nemesis Games didn’t disappoint. The crew of the Rocinante: Amos, Naomi, James and Alex have been through a battle (Cibola Burns) and their ship needs repair and refitting. They settle at Tycho Station, between the Belt and Earth. This massive complex is considered the pride of the Outer Alliance and Fred, a favorite character, runs it.

Soon everyone from the crew is restless and finds reasons to take off. At that point, the book splits as it follows each one to various ends of the solar system. Amos goes to Earth, Alex ends up on Mars, Naomi is captured by old acquaintances of the Belt, and Fred and James are put in peril as Tycho Station is attacked and the protomolecule stolen.

I enjoyed this part of the series as old characters came back on stage, action ramps up and the reader learns more about the personal lives of the crew. What starts off as an r&r gig, soon involves terrorist raining down rocks that massively damage Earth, betrayal and disappearing ships within the Martian military, and a kidnapping by a megalomania from the Belt. Chunks of Tycho Station are blown up. Enough action to keep most people reading.

Right now good space opera is hard to find and, for me, Nemesis Games delivered.

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