IMG_0174Humans live with the ridiculous expectation that we have some control over our lives..and there are events we can depend on happening..the sun rising…taxes coming due…
We have to expect our life has a certain dependability from day to day or we’d never get out of bed.
The moon remains in orbit, so all we need to focus on are the small details…what to wear,,,what to make for dinner.
At the back of our mind is the knowledge that our existence is chancy, but we don’t dwell in that place. We have to move on and cook dinner.
I can still feel the slight slide of one stockinged foot as it lost traction on the lower step in a beautiful house I’ve lived in for over twenty years, traversing that very step several times per day.
A slight wobble, a small sliding step, a loss of balance and I crashed into the corner of the hallway and kitchen, picking a particularly destructive angle of wall. A spread of possibilities flashed through my mind, chilling in consequences. I remember thinking, “This is not good” and wondering how I had acquired that much momentum in such a short space.
When I could wiggle my fingers and form a sentence, my worst fears abated. Then, I tried to move. Screaming, claw the ceiling pain, left Rosie Projectmy body shivering on the hard cold floor.
Now I need a new shoulder, as if you can just pick it off the grocery shelf.
In a second, my life has changed dramatically.
Human lives are like that..pearls of seconds strung on a necklace that forms a life…and sometimes you’re not in control.
But we have to get up in the morning; we have to move forward.
And there is that great solace…if I start to babble, I can always blame it on the meds.

My operation is Thursday. I hope to offer a surprising suggestion in a week or so. I have to eliminate the Rosie Project as it is neither science fiction nor fantasy…but just an interesting fun read and recommended.


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8 responses to “Ooops!

  1. Amazing you could even type! Oh, Sheron. Get well soon. No more walking around in stocking feet!!! Or stop waxing your floors.


    • I have an iPad on an easel. Looking at words horizontally gives one a whole new perspective. Plus, I just discovered the Speak function that allows me to accent, hit speak and listen to what was written. Helps to have an engineer on the team.

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  2. Annette Coury

    Those nasty “accidents” take only seconds to turn your world upside down. I hope the surgery goes well for you. Long recovery with lots of physical therapy ahead of you, but you’ll get there. Maybe you’ll even have a new “bionic shoulder” storyline for your books. Either way, something like this gives us a new perspective of people who have significant physical challenges every day of their lives. Make sure the family takes good care of you.


    • Wow! Annette…hi. Please be assured I’m getting excellent care…except the cats get a bit rowdy and are confused about everything. Not excited about rehab.


  3. How terrible for you! I wish you all the best for your operation (at least it’s happening quickly) and look forward to reading many more of your recommendations when you return.


  4. Damn! I’m sorry to hear about your busted shoulder, Sheron! That must hurt like a bitch. 😦

    Take good care of yourself, and I’ll definitely be crossing my fingers for you on Thursday. All the good vibes from across the ocean.


    • Never had such intense pain before, but operation went well. First ambulance ride and they didn’t even turn on the red lights. Now on to recovery. Thanks for your comment. We love your twitters of your adorable daughter. Brings back memories of raising mine. Keep up work on the Deep Link. Did you mention another book too?


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