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Marketing: the bane of the Independent Author. So, yes, I’m marketing again. From February 14 through 18, I’m offering Caught in Time free through Amazon KDP Select. This is the first book in the Alysian series. The last time I did this was highly successful and many readers continued on and bought a number of the other books in the series. Each story is different and can stand alone, but all continue in the Alysian Universe. See my author’s page for summaries on each. 

Since I did this back in May 2014, Amazon has come out with their Kindle Unlimited program. This is a similar business model to Netflix, in that you pay a fee of $9.99 per month for unlimited downloads of novels that have signed up for KDP Select. So not everyone is in the pool, but since it’s Amazon, the pool is more like a Lake Erie size body of water.

I have been hearing that the Kindle Unlimited program has impacted Ebook sales negatively, but my information has not been quantified. What has been quantified is the information in the following link, which you might find interesting.

What I have noticed personally is KOLL/KUL (Prime free sales and Kindle Unlimited) have quadrupled for my books while standard sales have dropped. This could be a seasonal phenomenon or a result of Kindle Unlimited. Are we having yet another seismic shift in how books are sold? Stay tuned.

Goblin Emperor by Katherine AddisonThis week I read The Goblin Emperor and really enjoyed it. Okay, yes, it’s fantasy, but occasionally I take a break.

Because this is a TOR book, I found it in the library. Readers often find books by legacy publishers free through the library, but may have to pay for independently published books (who are not in the library catalog) from online storefronts…(Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc.) A groundswell of online websites such as, now promote eBooks and charge the author an advertising fee. For the subscribed reader, they send announcements of recently discounted books via e-mail on a daily basis. Caught in Time will be featured on Booksy February 18th and link to Amazon where it will be free. I plan to compare the other free dates of 14-17 and see if this type of promotion is worthwhile.

Okay, back to my review.goblin

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison concerns a part goblin, part elf, named Maia who so far has lived his entire life exiled by Varenechibel the Fourth, his father, the Emperor of Ethuveraz. He is the youngest son, tainted by Goblin blood, and with three half brothers ahead of him in line for the throne, no one thought to prepare him for rule. In fact, he was shunned and abused. So when father and all three half brothers are killed in an airship crash, Maia finds himself called to court to be crowned the new emperor and burdened by layers of court dress, heavy jewelry, and no idea of what to do. Isolated with no friends, Maia must quickly figure out the politics of court, the etiquette necessary to function and the wisdom to rule justly.

Before long, Maia also discovers that his father and half-brothers’ deaths were no accident. The airship was tampered with. The crash was murder.

Whoever is behind the assassinations most likely is plotting to kill him next. Someone is out to seize the power of the throne and takeover the Goblin Empire. But who? And how can he/she be stopped?goblin-shaman

The struggle that 17 year old Maia goes through to untangle the hidden agendas and lines of power in the royal court are fascinating. Isolated, inexperienced, ignorant, Maia is endearing as he tries to be a good ruler, worthy of the crown against overwhelming circumstances.

Deftly drawn emotion, not overdone, but touching and enveloping, pervades the story and draws the reader into the world of Maia and the royal court. Being emperor is hard. Just learning the outrageous names and family lineages tasks not only Maia, but also the reader. (see father’s name above to start)

Still the heart and courage of the story makes me recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy…especially stories about goblins and elves.

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  1. Sounds good. I added it to my reading list. Thanks!


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