Today: Robots and Artificial Intelligence Help Us Get By.

Robots: A popular subject in best selling science fiction.

Particularly known for their robot stories are Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. There is a famous story,  “With Folded Hands”, by Isaac Asimov that talks about robots taking over the world by doing everything and humans just sit by.

I’m ready.

Check out this great link that details all the different types of robots in various best selling science fiction books and the authors that wrote them. If you’re looking for a good robot story, here’s a place to start.

Of course AI and robots aren’t really going to take over, are they? Humans are still very much in control of everything.

I mean, okay, I live in a house that has an X10 system. What that means is that at night the lights go on and dim to a certain setting. If the garage door is up past a certain time, it closes automatically. When we awake in the morning, we push a button and the coffee goes on by itself. At 11:00 a.m., the cat food dispenser kicks in. Then the litter box is electronic and the new Genie box actually flushes it all away. That isn’t really taking over, is it?

Oh yes, and there’s the security system that monitors everything on various settings from fire alarm to the opening of a door to watching the perimeter for intruders. Hmmm… Then, there’s Robi. I have named my Romba because I love that he goes in and I close the door and he vacuums up the whole place while I wait on my washing machine to finish the laundry and read my ebook. If there is dirt anywhere, I pull out the SpotBot and take care of it.  Hmmm…And when I watch t.v. anymore it’s something that I have selected and Tivoed. Hmmmm.

And the library just called because I went online, searched the twenty libraries in the county and put a book on hold. I will go in, pull it off the shelf, show a computer the barcode of the book, my library card, and be on my merry way without any human intervention. Hmmmm.

And I just found out from Rosanne in Australia via a blog thread in Linkedin that the libraries will soon be offering ebooks via the cloud so you don’t even have to go there any more. They will just be a download. Hmmmm. And I have to get to twitter to tell them about Caught In Time, my book I ePUBed that you can download onto most electronic devices such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and others without entering a bookstore or talking to a salesperson. Hmmmm.

But when I do travel, now with a GPS, my car tells me exactly where to go and when to turn and if I don’t do it right, they redirect me…in a very nice way of course….Hmmmmmm

My husband was talking about inserting this chip in me, just for fun of course. Reminded me of that great movie Cherry 2000 with Melanie Griffith before she was famous and this guy had a robotic wife who broke down and he wanted to replace her. My husband hasn’t done it yet, but my daughter did put a chip in her cat so that if he is lost, she can find him. And the practice is commonplace now and no one sees anything wrong, in fact, they encourage the deed. Hmmmm.

Yikes! What kind of future is coming our way? I think it’s here. How are computers, AI and robots impacting and changing your life? For the better or worse?

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