Wandering off the Path

Okay I promised to read a list of books and now I’m waiting for them to become available.

In the meantime I have finished publishing “Cosmic Entanglement” and it is available on Amazon in ebook form. The final paperback proof is, as they say, in the mail and should be available before the Ides of March.

Check out this stunning cover…and inside is equally delicious.

So, I have wandered off the path of my designated reading and while browsing online, I came across Orson Scott Card’s recent book, “Shadows in Flight.” Now, this is the story of Bean and his super children in a spaceship. And since the next book I am writing takes place in a spaceship, I wanted to see how a  master of science fiction would write the story.

I found myself back in the “Do what I tell you, not what famous, best selling authors do” syndrome. You see, I had taken my next novel to the writer’s conference at Orycon for editing and one of the criticisms was that they wanted action right up front and no stage setting or exposition about where they were or who they were. Just wham, bam.

So of course, Card had a short exposition at the beginning of chapter one that described the ship and gave a little background. I mean we’re talking about the Ender’s Game superhero of science fiction writing here. I guess he can ignore editor’s suggestions. The story was enjoyable and it was interesting to see the total of Bean’s life and his kids, but it’s not going to be a blockbuster. It’s fairly short, so now that I have shortened up my novels because of all the criticism about big books, people are complaining if a novel is too short. Not winning here.

Needless to say, I’m in rewrite. Wham…bamm.

While looking at “books you might like”, I stumbled across C.J. Cherryh little gem, “Angel with a Sword.” I love Cherryh’s books (I know I’ve mentioned it before) and wanted to suggest it to you if you don’t know about it. That, of course, led me to her Fortress series starting with ‘Fortress in the Eye of Time.” Now, I’m not only off my path, but I have wandered over onto the fantasy trail. Still, this series is worth a mention as a good read. The series includes: “Fortress of Eagles,” “Fortress of Owls,” “Fortress of Dragons,” and finishes with “Fortress of Ice.”

Thought I would give them a mention.

Meanwhile, I wait, write, rewrite, edit and eagerly anticipate what I hope is my final proof.

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