Welcome Yvonne …

Welcome Yvonne Hertzberger, Guest author. She has just published Through Kestrel’s Eyes, the second in her Earth’s Pendulum Series.


From time to time I highlight what I think might be a good read…and Yvonne’s series is one of those. I haven’t read all of it, but I am suggesting that you take a look and consider this interesting fantasy series.


S: How did you start writing Yvonne?

Y: Some people come into their own late in life. I am one of those late bloomers. I started writing “Back From Chaos” at the rather mature age of 56 when I retired from full time paid employment. (I said paid – writing does not provide a paycheck.  I expect it never will.) I had no idea when I began that those first pages would soon let me know their story become a trilogy. The project took on a life of its own. It led me to meet characters, watch them grow, and show me that ideas about social and environmental consciousness could be communicated in an engaging way  – and gently challenge how we view our relationships with others and our environment. I chose fantasy because it offers me freedom from expected norms about gender, conflict and occupation.

S: I started earlier, but stories do have a way of taking on their own life. That’s sometimes the fun of writing.

Y: It has never been my aim to write great literature, rather to tell a story that draws the reader into the lives of the characters they will care about and identify with. That is what I look for when I read and what my favorite authors do so well – like Robin Hobb or Julliet Marillier. Ah, well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

S: And she should. Robin Hobbs is one of my favorites too. Who knows? Great literature is just that. It draws in the reader to characters they identify with and care about.

Y: With “Back From Chaos” and its sequel “Through Kestrel’s Eyes”, hatched and launched, I now turn my attention to the completion of the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy “The Dreamt Child”. Who knows where the muse will lead me after that?

S: So tell us a little about your books to whet our appetite.

The Earth’s Pendulum Trilogy is set in an imaginary city-state, agrarian, bronze age society. Its underlying theme deals with the interdependence of we who live on the surface and the earth which sustains us. Earth is understood as a goddess who’s power to sustain good harvests, health and prosperity for her people depends on how well they maintain peace. But, as is true for us today, her people have only a dim understanding of that connection. So the pendulum swings from chaos to balance and back again.

“Back From Chaos”–Book One of Earth’s Pendulum:

Klast, loner, assassin and spy, has no idea that his destiny is linked to the maid he is sent to rescue. But even before he can fulfill it he must wrestle with his own demons, and help Lord Gaelen unmask a traitor. Failure will upset the Balance that Earth, goddess, needs to provide good harvests, health and peace.

Earth has shown Liethis, true seer, that unless Klast completes his missions, more catastrophes, like the Red Fever that ravages the population, will follow. Time is short.


“Through Kestrel’s Eyes”– Book Two of Earth’s Pendulum:

The end of the Red Plague brought peace – which ends when both Gharn and Lieth are toppled by traitors.

Earth, source of Balance, suffers from this, leaving her unable to bring the rains. Famine results. Liannis, her training as seer incomplete, battles self-doubt and the forbidden lure of romance while Earth requires sacrifices that test her to her limits.

A kestrel befriends her, allowing Liannis to see through her eyes, and accompanies her as she faces many tests. Neither Liannis, nor Earth, can heal until peace and the Balance is restored.

S: Sounds intriguing. Where can we get the books and more information?

Website/blog: http://yvonnehertzberger.com


Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/EarthsPendulum.YvonneHertzberger.author Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yvonne.hertzberger?ref=tn_tnmn

Both books are available at amazon.com:

Kindle version


Paperback version


 Kindle version


Paperback version


Thank you Yvonne. We’ll check you out.

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December 10, 2011 · 8:37 pm

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  1. Sounds like a interesting series.


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