Murder Most Unkind: Dance With Dragons

I’ve had it! One of my favorite authors has gone too far.

George R R Martin.

In his latest book, Dance with Dragons.

If you haven’t read the series, stop reading this right now as the following rant reveals facts that spoils the series for those who haven’t read it yet.

I loved “Game of Thrones” and admired Ned Starke. Well, so much for that. I put up with the cold, the killing, the crippling, because the writing often sang with poetry like sentences and descriptions.

“Clash of Kings” killed off, or diminished, those characters that I had come to like and  “Feast for Crows” was even grittier. Rob was my best hope, and then betrayal at a wedding. I protested that loss. Still, I kept on as a fan. There were direwolves after all. Would they save the day?

I didn’t know who was the hero. I was afraid to attach to anyone anymore because of what might happen to him, or her.
Martin isn’t kind to his characters. If you’re smart and rich, you are made a dwarf with a torn off nose and then kidnapped, abused, humiliated. No one cares if you’re clever, and  all others are stupid. You get sold into slavery to someone who leads an army and dysentery strikes, killing off hundreds. Graphic descriptions ensue. Okay he deserved it. But he came from a dysfunctional family. Tyrion had serious issues.

But young Brandon. Innocent, loved and then crippled. Winterfell is attacked and he is thought dead, but he escapes off into the north past the wall where walking death lurks. And becomes what grotesque entity?

Then there is Brave Jon Snow. He goes to the wall. He fights cold, supernatural beings and fellow conspirators. I didn’t want to care…but I did. Dangerous. That was the final straw. I wanted to throw the book across the room. How can George Martin do this to me?

And every time I thought I finally knew who the characters were and how they fit in, a new one would come on the scene. I needed a chart to keep track of who was what.

Still, there were times when the descriptions, the writing itself sang to me. Detailed descriptions of time and place. Writing that created emotion and caring.But so much gore, pain, and strife. Did life have to be all that dark?

I still highly recommend the HBO series if you have no qualms about graphic nudity. I didn’t mind. The production was gorgeous.

There is yet more books coming out to finish the tale. I may not risk myself. I have no hero left to care about. I violently protest.

George R R Martin has gone too far.

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